Towpath along the Canal de la Robine Situated in the centre of the village of Sigean "The Blue House" is a "maison de maître". It offers guest rooms and a gîte for those who wish to stay in this region that surprises with its unspoilt natural beauty. The sun, wind, sea and arid Corbière hills have preserved this place, where only the omnipresent vine bears witness to the hand of man. The peace of the shallow lagoons, the sent of the pine and rosemary groves, the song of the cicadas and the flight of the pink flamingos will enthuse and inspire walkers. When it comes to the region’s architectural heritage this is always to the fore, accounting for the renown of this part of the south that has remained all too discreet. Why do people come from far and wide to see the castles, though they are in ruin, and the superb abbeys… if it is not for this art of life where wine knows how to fulfil the heart of man?